ZipZap Money Transfer

ZipZap Money Transfer

ZipZap Money Transfer is a remittance app that is fast, easy and cost efficient. It is based on ZipZap, a technology platform for moving money all around the globe that brings significant innovations to the remittance industry. It does this by optimising its processes and by taking advantage of mobile technologies, digital payment solutions and traditional payment rails.

The original app was published in 2015 and was updated in December of 2016. Download it here for android and for iOS


ZipZap Money Transfer allows you to easily send money from Canada to the Philippines, to India and to China thanks to its user-friendly interfaces and simple process flow. While there exists other platforms that lets you send money abroad, they often charge enormous remittance fees. But this is not an issue with ZipZap. As it managed to optimised its processes, it allows you to send money around the world with relatively low fees. In fact, ZipZap was ranked by the World Bank as the 2nd lowest-cost way to send money from Canada to the Philippines given the foreign exchange markup and fees and is listed  as one of the emerging players in cross-border remittance industry by AITE's Impact Report in June 2016.

With ZipZap Money Transfer, you are sure that your money will go where it is supposed to. While it offers convenient and easy money transfer at the lowest fees, it does not compromise safety and security in each transaction that you make and even offers a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. Being a member of The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), rest assured that the highest grade security technologies were used to protect your personal information.



This money transfer app was developed for ZipZap, Inc., a fintech company founded in May, 2011 and is based in San Francisco, California, which has its operations in Vancouver,British Columbia. ZipZap, Inc. provides a worldwide payment network that allows their clients to buy, sell, and use digital currencies with cash or other payment options.


Diel worked on the registration and log-in process of the app. She also did the integration of various payment gateways for sending money such as SALT, PsiGate and Vantiv. In addition, she worked on the user and recipient profiles and made adding money remittance recipients flexible by providing two ways to do it: automatically by importing contacts and manually by filling up a form. Furthermore, she enabled sharing via Facebook, Twitter, text or email by integrating social media SDKs in the system and added analytics using Google Analytics and Mixpanel.