Wedilo: Social recommendation app

Wedilo: Social recommendation app

Wedilo,"Went there. Did that. Loved it." This app makes planning your trips much more easier. It is a tool that helps you efficiently discover places based on recommendations from people you can trust, your friends, your colleagues, among many others. Through this app, you can discover your friends' and other people's favourite places. At the same time, you can let the world know where you've been! You can share pictures of your own trips and experiences as you explore different places across different parts of the world.


It is hard to decide where to go sometimes because you do not know what to expect. You never really know what it is like until you get there. Thanks to this Wedilo, you can discover different places even before going there! You don't know which restaurant to choose? which museum to visit? which bar is a good place to drink? Wedilo helps you decide on where to go!

The app filters down the most relevant and trusted recommendations to you. And through its organised manner of presenting photos and comments posted from its users, you will definitely know if a place is worth visiting or not. And through this app, you too can help other users! You can post your own pictures, comment on a specific place, and recommend places that you find interesting and exciting.



Wedilo is developed for Pte. Ltd, a Singapore-based company founded in 2014 whose principal activity is e-commerce. Aside from Wedilo, they also have Nothing To Hide, a system that trades WIFI for a private guest feedback or a public review for hotels and for other users.


Cha was responsible for the 2nd phase of the development of this app which focused on fixing errors and implementing change requests. She also integrated additional APIs to work on the social media aspects of the app and developed a module which involves Maps.

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