PH Traffic Cam: Live streaming tool

PH Traffic Cam: Live streaming tool

PH Traffic Cam is a tool that lets you watch the real traffic situation all over Metro Manila. It helps you decide whether to take a particular route or find an alternative. While some apps tell you which road you should take when commuting, it is actually better to see for yourself how worse the road situation is. And thanks to this app, you can do that.

The first version of this app for android was published in 2013 and in 2014 for iOS.


You do not know whether it is the right time to go home? You do not know whether the traffic in your normal route to work is terrible? You do not know how the traffic situation is because of the rain? Well, worry no more since this app lets you see the current traffic situation with your own eyes and helps you in making road decisions.

PH Traffic Cam allows you to watch the traffic in major roads and highways through the LIVE traffic cameras situated in Metro Manila. It facilitates an easy and organised access to the live traffic feed from the traffic monitoring cameras owed and operated by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

This app is helpful not only for drivers and motorists but for commuters as well. It lets you easily notice events that may worsen the traffic situation in certain places. Thanks to this app, you can spot traffic jams, accidents, floods, building construction, road or pipeline improvement projects so you can avoid them. Lastly, PH Traffic Cam lets you share link easily via SMS, Mail, Twitter or Facebook so you can make your loved ones and friends informed too!



  1. 2nd Top Free Android App in the Transportation category in the Philippines (as of 06/20/13)
  2. 5th in the Top New Free Worldwide, Transportation category (as of 06/20/13)
  3. 4th in the Top Free iPhone App in the Philippines, Navigation category (12/04/14)


Miko developed this app to help fellow commuters like him to easily navigate in the roads and major highways in Metro Manila. By crawling the live camera feeds provided by MMDA, and by presenting these feeds in an organised manner, we now have a better access and view to the metro manila traffic.