PH Mountains: Mobile mountain guide

PH Mountains: Mobile mountain guide

PH Mountain is a mountain guide in your pocket, the first and only mobile app about Philippine mountains. It caters to the mountaineering community and to those who develop an interest for mountain climbing.

This app was initially published in 2014 and is both available in android and iOS.


PH Mountains provides a comprehensive list of mountains in the country. It includes a vast collection of mountain information, maps, photos, and videos. It allows you to sort mountains alphabetically, by elevation, by climbing difficulty, or by location.

The app also provides weather information on each mountain location and comments whether it is an excellent, good, fair or bad day to hike. In addition, it allows you to browse mountain pictures from Instagram and Google Maps. This feature lets you know the look and terrain of the mountains.

Yet another useful feature is the map view by using GoogleMaps API that allows you to know the exact location of each mountain. This map view have four different modes: Terrain, Satellite, Normal, or Hybrid view. Furthermore, the app is designed to know your current location and locate the mountains near you.

Being true to its original purpose, PH Mountains allows you to keep track of your hikes which are automatically plotted on a separate map. It also lets you create a list and a map of all mountains "Climbed" and those which you "Wanna Climb".

It also lets you share your climbs easily on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and lets you see other users' tweets and Instagram posts tagged with the hashtag #PHMountainsApp in the Social Media Feed section of the app. Lastly, this app provides a platform for you to share tips and your experiences in the comments tab for each mountain.


  1. Top Free iPhone App in the Philippines, Sports category (as of 02/13/15)
  2. 3rd in the Top Free Android App in the Philippines, Sports category (as of 12/10/14).
  3. 19th in the Top New Free Android App Worldwide, Sports category (as of 12/10/14).


Miko originally developed the app simply because he wanted to keep track and record his past treks and hikes. However, as he realised that such need is not exclusive to him, and that other mountaineers, trekkers and climbers have the same need, he improved the app further by providing the features that it has now and still continues to update the app to cater to the growing needs of the mountaineering community in the Philippines.