Gava: Online crowdfunding platform

Gava: Online crowdfunding platform

Gava puts fun and purpose into the act of giving. Through this app, you can give meaningful and wonderful gifts to couples, celebrants, charities and even help raise funds for charities and campaigns. Thanks to this app, the members of the community can work together to achieve a certain goal, be it a simple act of giving something precious to someone you know or something even bigger like helping realise a campaign. With its intuitive design and interface, this app makes it easy and convenient for everyone to give a helping hand, thus promoting a culture of generosity within the community.

Since its launch in 2016, Gava already has more than 20,000 users and has since then helped thousands of gift launchers receive their wished items and hundreds of personal causes funded and still continues to fund different campaigns and charities. In fact, Gava has already partnered with various foundations and continues to serve as a platform and a new channel for different causes to raise more funds easily; thus being of service to small and arising foundations with no digital means of raising funds for their projects and campaigns.



This app is developed for GAVA Tech Pte Ltd. It is a startup company founded in July 2016 that has its headquarters in Singapore but also operates in the Philippines to be of service to the increasing number of organisations and institutions in the country that needs the services that GAVA Tech provides.


Cha spearheaded the development of Gava. Aside from serving as the team lead, she also developed a number of modules of the app. She developed the main page of the app as well as the funding module, payment history module, wish list module by utilising and integrating different SDKs.